Customized lithium battery

Customization, Our Specialty! We do this for various applications such as electric transport, industrial machinery, construction machinery, logistics, e-bikes, e-mobility and energy storage. We can supply lithium batteries in any voltage and capacity. We often determine which lithium chemistry is best for you based on your issue and particular application. Sometimes this is a complex process where knowledge and experience of batteries, drivetrain systems and applications themselves is a requirement. We at EmergoStar offer this knowledge to our customers.

Modular 24V LiFePO4 replacement battery

This custom made change battery is used in Movexx electric pullers. It is handy, safe, light, quick to change and usable in almost all Movexx machines. This 25.6 V battery is available in two variants the 20Ah and 36Ah. The lithium chemistry is LiFePO4 also called lithium iron phosphate or LFP, LiFePO4 is many times safer than lithium ion / polymer batteries. These types of batteries have many advantages, they are safe, weight-saving, chemically stable and non-flammable. Because these batteries have a long life they are not only durable, but also result in lower costs because there is no maintenance required.

Lithium ION (NMC) battery 5V 104Ah

This large rugged battery is specifically designed for the Omnidots SWARM. Omnidots is a manufacturer of high quality vibration meters that transmits its measurement data wirelessly to a web platform. This Battery provides power to the SWARM for up to six weeks and is unprecedentedly compact, effective and handy. Through smart electronics, the SOC (State of Charge) is transmitted to the web platform.

LiFePO4 Batter 73,6V 100Ah Electrification ATV

In a very short time, our Engineers have developed a battery application for an electric quad in perfect cooperation with our customer.  This battery can be read remotely by our Smart Battery Combox with associated web platform.  This robust battery can take a beating, it is made of stainless steel and is classified as IP65. All info from this battery can be read via CAN-Bus.


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